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September 17th, 2008

06:11 pm - Looking for a MUD that has a city siege type event
Hey all!

I'm looking for a mud codebase (available for download, not just closed source) that has an event where monsters lay siege to a city and players need to unite to defend it. Preferably one where it doesn't happen 24/7 but rather where monsters build up forces and then attack in waves every few days.

Is there anything like that out there? Or am I the only one who thinks that might be a fun event for a MUD?

If such a thing doesn't exist, is there anything remotely close that may not be too hard to edit/modify/code to make it be what I'd like?

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July 20th, 2006

06:59 pm - LINK in smaug 1.4a
Hi All,
I'm working on a smaug code (1.4a).

I have created a new structure named SHIP_DATA and created the routine to load data in it

When I'm going to link it to other "object" of SHIP_DATA type I use the normal link function:

LINK( ship, first_ship, last_ship, next, prev );

next and prev are SHIP_DATA type in the structure SHIP_DATA, first_ship and last_ship are SHIP_DATA type variables declared in db.c and shared in mud.h

When I create a ship and link it, all goes right. When I create the second ship and try to link it I got an error because last_ship is null!

The LINK macro, defined in mud.h, says that the variable passed in the 3rd place (last_ship) at the end of the macro is set equal to the variable passed in the first place (ship). Placing a break after the macro get last_ship = NULL.

Probably I'm missing something, but I can't figure it out!!

Someone can help me?

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July 5th, 2006

12:50 am - How did you get started?
So, I finally got (constructively) hacking on some mud source - it's not the python idea I was playing with, but a circle derivative (mainly because I've gotta get damned good at C and C++ by september) - and I got thinking...

I remembered that this place existed, and thought, "How did the others get started?"

I figure it'd be a good one to share. The questions that spring to my mind are:

  • How did you get started?

  • Why did you get started?

  • Have you moved on from that or do you still work on that project?

  • Was it a derivative job or did you start from scratch?

  • What languages do you use, what would you like to use?

  • Are you still doing it, or are you on a break?

Just that sort of stuff... It's mainly out of curiosity, and might help anyone who's on here and wondering how they might get started.

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March 23rd, 2006

08:28 pm - Coder looking for MUD
Evening, folks. Thought I'd post here and see if I can find any muds looking for coders.

What I'm hoping to find is a mud in the advanced development stages or in release that's looking for somebody to do building and/or light coding. I've unfortunately had way too many experiences with working on startup muds that never went anywhere, so I'd like to avoid that if possible.

I've had a few years' experience on and off coding on a TMI lib on MudOS, everything from building to basic lib coding, though no driver work and very little advanced lib work. I've worked at numerous staff levels, from apprentice builder and normal builder, to trainer, to head admin. I've also done some work on Lima, also running MudOS. I don't have any experience on other drivers or libs, but I pick things up pretty damn quick and am willing to learn if you're willing to teach.

I'm more than happy provide samples of my code and writing samples if desired, but if you're recruiting for a mud and want a full application process with pages and pages of "What if?" questions, multiple interview levels, and years of prior experience as a player on your mud, then I'm probably not the coder for you.

Replies to this message would be appreciated if anyone has positions open or knows anyone else who might.

~ Kiz
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February 27th, 2006

01:02 pm
I'm back on a mud I've played off and on for years, both as a player and as a builder, and I'd really like to help out by doing coding too. Is there a good starting place for learning MU* code? As far as code base, it's EOSII, DIKU-based.

Thanks in advance.

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January 1st, 2006

12:51 pm - Making Muds
Why is it that these games never get finished? I've worked on any number of games, I'd easily say 100 by now, and not one of them has ever finished. About 90% of the time the coders flake out or say they don’t want to work on it anymore. Or they keep adding new features that aren’t needed and keep ignoring the ones that are needed, until they loose interest.

I’m a concept artist by trade, and always try to stay on top of my designs and make sure I’m ahead of schedule. And I think I do a fine job. But it can be so frustrating trying to work in this field. I love it, but hate it at the same time. In most cases we had the hard part of the game done, the networking, movement, icons, interfaces, they quit when the fun part is just coming up! Is it not fun to them anymore/? What’s the deal? ARG!

Anyway, so I’ll have some credibility I’d like to post some work from my games I’ve done in the past.

Playable Version
I did all art and 95% of the design. One other person worked with me on this, he did all coding and did good work. He had to quit though… I also did every room description in the game unless work has been done on it since I left, but I seriously doubt that.










Eleventh Really Old

The top game being just over a year old, so I’m a far better artist now. Here is some of my pro work.

Zombie Samurai

Stone Clan

Unicorn Rider

I have tons more but I’m sure you get the idea. Most of those game samples are old and outdated, but it has been a while since I’ve worked on a game for fun.

Of course I’ve got tons of ideas, etc, but who doesn’t right? And I’m excited and interested in hearing people’s ideas, even though I’m a bad lurker I still read posts and such with enthusiasm and at all times during the night when I should be sleeping. =]

Back to the point of this post… I just want to finish one game. The steps seem clear cut and I’m bound to do it one day. And I can do almost anything needed, but not by myself as I couldn’t code my way out of a simple box. =]

Plan out game, story, functions, etc, coders like to skip this imo, or spend so much time on it they never get started… or start over ten thousand times and just spin their wheels

You get networking stuff working, so multiple people can connect and chat

Artist get concepts laid out, make page for archiving news and info, commands, etc

Get npc’s, room stuff, etc done. The basics, let me know if I leave something out

Make a few good rooms, few npcs, keep it small.

Start working on needed commands, inventories, saving, items, etc

Start simple fighting, you know, nothing complex

Now you open it to players and let them find your problem early, nip that stuff in the bud

Now you make the game, skills, spells, more areas, etc, take your time, work outward, and do it right instead of trying to do it quickly

NOW add all the gravy, not six or ten steps ago…

Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems so simple, yet I’ve never been on a team who can do it, but the best part is we’ll always make it to the later steps, where the game making should become fun. It just drives me insane. This might not be the right order, but I think I’m close, and I think people need to start small and work out. I’d rather play a small game that is clean, near perfect, and fun, with few bugs, than a 100,000 room game that is boring. Most people aren’t going to read room descirps and crap anyway on a mud that size, and usually those rooms are copy pasts of other rooms.

My idea of a good game that I’d love to someday make, even though I have little coding skills which pretty much seems to assure me I’ll never get to do it.

Full, finished rooms and areas that have ZERO repeats. Look at the forests and roads here, nothing is repeated and I think it just look’s nicer and helps the player feel like they’ve traveled somewhere.

Few races, but real races. Races that have traits and cultures that players understand and care about. Stuff that isn’t generic. I hate that. In aelfengard the primary race were humans, they were bulky, strong, and many of them semi-gothic in nature. Gnolls were one of the peaceful and cool natural races of the world.

Interaction and RP. Muds seem so boring without RP. And player vs player muds seem like a waste of work almost. My idea has always been to have arena’s set up for player VS player actions. Or player vs player areas where you know you can be attacked if you enter.

I also wouldn’t really want to work on an existing mud, doing catch up work is almost never fun and I do enough of that as an artist =D I’d like to build something up from scratch with a few cool ‘friends’ and have something to show. Aelfengard was just that and I’m sad it is over, but we’ve not touched it in over a year so I’m moving on. I really think it would have been a huge hit as far as small, free, muds go.

Also, I’m not against funding a project once it is established and running, funding meaning paying for some needed costs once the game is a success. Aelfengard didn’t make it that far.

I have a ton other ideas but again, they’re just ideas, any feedback or comments would be nice. Have fun everyone and have a nice new year.

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November 29th, 2005

10:12 am - Parsers in MUDs?
Just as a quick question, when people write muds, do many people ever use lex and yacc (or derivatives of them) for their parsing?

Is there a reason why you wouldn't want to? Like too difficult, or just troublesome to extend? Or some reason I'm missing totally?

Basically my one experience of a mud codebase was various version of AwakeMud (a derivative of circle which is a derivative of diku) which seemed to just write a flat parser in c... is this likely to be the rule or the exception for most muds out there?

On a total sidenote: when I first joined I mentioned an idea of writing a codebase in python, now it looks like it's entirely possible that I'll be able to use that idea for one of my CS projects this year.

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November 17th, 2005

11:02 am - Lost Mudder searching for solace (X-posted)
Hello. I'm hoping someone out there can help me out.

I used to mud a lot, and I loved it, but I didn't love it half as much as I loved building on muds. I built muds for several years - including several of my own projects that were lost due to.. well let's just say lost.

I want to start working on my own project again. Something that I can take my time on and build from the ground up with no outside pressure, however I know nothing about coding. - Doesn't that just bite and isn't completely anoying, I know we've all heard this story over and over.

So, Is any coder out there who is willing to help me set something up? Otherwise, what book should I get to start learning?

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October 24th, 2005

09:56 pm
Hi, I'm helping to build a text-based MUD (diku base) and could really use some coders with C++ knowledge. Drop me a line at my livejournal or else check out our mud; the address is outlandsmud.com 4000

thanks :)

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October 14th, 2005

12:20 pm
Hiya there!. : )

Does anyone knows the book called "MUD Game Programming with CDROM (Game Development Series)"?. What about it?. Is it a good book for spending some money?. : )


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