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September 11th, 2005

06:56 pm
Hey, just barely today thought to look for a mud dev community here on LJ and found y'all. Figured I'd join and delurk real quick.

I've been playing muds for about seven years now, and coding on and off for around five. Most of my experience is with TMI-2 on MudOS, though my current project is Lima 1.0b5 on MudOS. Generally I'm the fantasy sort, though I've been talked now into hosting a sci-fi mud which has just started the design and core-level building phase.

Current project is, as I noted, a sci-fi mud running Lima on MudOS. We've got three admin setting up the initial systems and fixing everything up to our specifications. Not looking for builders and coders just yet (although occasionally it'd be REALLY nice to have an experienced Lima libcoder around), but I'll post here when we are.

Good to find the community. See y'all around.
- Kizayaen @ Crimson Dawn
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July 25th, 2005

02:54 pm - Building a MUD
Well, I'll start off say "Hi everyone" :) I'm been playing muds for too many years to count, and building on them for 5 years now. I've been head builder for 2 years on a mud that's off the ground and running strong. I'm glad of all the help I gave them, and now I'm turning to my own project I've been working on with a few others for around a year now. The project is a medieval/fantasy theme, with original races, classes, guilds, kingdoms, ect. I myself have helped code a mud, and I know by experience it's a difficult job. Coding isn't really my thing, that's why I respect anyone who can invest so much time and effort into learning that complex of a language. I'm writing to see if anyone in this community would like to help me code my project?

The world will be much like people can invision the time of middle earth, but that's in no way the theme. The world has many kingdoms constantly fighting for glory, or having the rare moment of peace. There are many quest races such as the Avariel, Drow, Dragon, Angel, Demon, Harpy, and a few others. The classes go as usual from mage, cleric, monk, warrior, and rogue. But along with the classes there are subclasses such as necromancer, mercenary, white/black cleric, bard, assassin, warlock, and many more. There will be many races to choose from, and after opening many guilds/kingdoms as well. There will be a subrace as well, the Vampire. The vampire can be any race, but is deeper than a class, it's a part of the character. There will be many areas, 5 I already have mapped out and planned. I have all the continents planned out, but the coder is of course encouraged to throw in their couple of cents. This will be a long project, that I know will be amazing when it opens.

I have three other builders helping, so this mud will work out. I know what you're thinking though "I could, but I have a lot to do irl". So I'm also offering to pay the coder monthly for the work done. The pay can be determined by the coder who chooses to do the work. I do not currently have a shell for the mud, nor a codebase, because my builders and I are very flexible, and are willing to work in the codebase the coder is most comfortable with. Most of my experience is in lpc and olc. If anyone expresses interest, I'm going to buy the server and host to get everything set up. If anyone would like to help build this dream, leave a comment or write me an e-mail at aqua_faerie2004@yahoo.com

Thank you so much,
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June 2nd, 2005

12:11 pm - Looking for a Coder
I'm new to this group, and a lot of things right now. But I'm hoping that you guys can help me out.

I have recently stepped up into the role of admin for a MUD, as the owner has become indisposed for indeterminate amount of time. It's my goal to keep the MUD moving forward, however, that means that I need to find some coders, as the owner was our lead coder.

The code is aNSI and C that uses a very customized version of ROM 2.4. There is also mySQL integration and knowledge of PHP would be helpful.

If there's anyone that is interested, or anyone that knows of anyone that would be willing and able to help out, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. You can respond in the journal or email me at missnae84@yahoo.com


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March 19th, 2005

03:16 am - New member

Newbie (to the group) here - CompSci student, Irish, called Aoife, recovering mud addict, 23.

So, I was thinking of taking up a little project just to learn a new language and just to try and create something of worth - so my addict brain decided that a mud would be cool to build. The next issue was the language to try writing it in, and someone suggested one to me.

And now, I'm looking for a little bit of advice: Are there any glaringly obvious reasons as to why I should not try to write a mud in python?

I'm aware that it's a scripting/interpretted language so it'd have a lot of overhead, but let's assume I'm not trying to be uber-efficient, is there anything that will make the task so painful that I'll want to gnaw off my own arm and throw it at something?

I figure some of the advantages are interesting: it's yet another language with object support (which I'd imagine would be useful in a mud)
Any changes I want to make can be seen very quickly - I remember playing with a codebase in C/C++ and if I wanted to make a change it involved recompiling, and frequent breaking of the code just by playing with a line or two (when all I wanted to do was get a type of shopkeeper to pay more for the good sold to him)
It's got some nice libraries for common things like network support and string manipulation - which is something I could imagine being used a lot.
And on a purely personal note, it's a chance for me to learn a new language.

So anything ye reckon I might want to be aware of?

Take care,

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February 11th, 2005

10:56 am - ~ Creating a simple online game?
I've always wanted to create a simple mud, small and let it grow out, with simple images as well. I've worked with a lot of coders in the past, and i'm guessing this isn't as easy and simple as it seems as every single one of them give up before we're done. One time we got far enough I thought it was a sure thing, and bought two servers and then they flaked out on me at the end. I'd done hundreds, maybe a thousand images for the game. What is the key to finding someone who would be interested in this, and what code base would you suggest we use?

I used to work on a mud called Karchan. It was very cool and I enjoyed it a lot. Games have come a long way since then, but I recently saw Karchan still had players! As simple, and as buggy as it is. It was still running! Pretty cool. I'd always wanted to make some kind of game similar. Makes me remember the days when a simple text mud and some goblins was all you needed to have fun.


That second link may make more sense to some of you than it did to me. In any event, it was cool of 'karn' to release it. I've been working with a group of programers, artists, and musicians, however they have been stumped on the whole network side of things.

Even if the game was very simple, there were ideas we had to keep interest and make it nice. I always thought a neat paperdoll system would be cool. Similar to the diablo games, or maybe how gaiaonline has theirs set up. Let me find some samples. You can see how simple, yet effective they are.


Granted I'm not into the anime thing. You can see what I mean, there is a lot of potential for greatness there. Gaia is incredibly popular because of this simple effect. course, they're not a game but a forum, but you know what I mean I hope.

I've done paperdoll art in the past, although I have no samples immediately available, but I have a ton of other samples of my work at my site.
- Lorestrome -

I don't really know where I'm going with this, just wondering if anyone out there has wanted to make a similar game. I like the idea of keeping it simple first. Then adding on eyecandy and complex battle plans and flashy blah blah blah. In any event, hope I made my point. =D I'd love to chat with some folks about this, so please let me know what you guys think. You know how these pipe dreams are.

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February 1st, 2005

08:20 pm - socket transferring
Hello, I'm in need of help.

I'm looking for portable (WinNT/FreeBSD/Linux) way to transfer sockets between processes.
For example: we're running process1, and it accepts TCP connection. Then we're running process2, and it connecting to process1 via named pipe or something like this. Now, we need to transfer established connections AND listening socket to process2 and terminate process1. How can I do it without dropping player connections? man what?

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January 22nd, 2005

06:07 pm - Ah, I got it!
I offer to discuss problems of debugging a MUD written in pure C. I desperately need a new debugging policy and don't know where to start.

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January 7th, 2005

10:33 pm - multi-threaded engine
Hello everyone, I'm a newbie in MUD coding... And sorry for my English - I know it's bad (

Have anybody knows about non-FSM MUD engines? Multithreaded or maybe Multiprocess?
I'm planning to write my own multithreaded engine, and I want to know if such engines do already exists.

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October 6th, 2004

10:41 am
Yeah it seems that this community hasn't taken off yet, I'm not sure how many MUD programmers have a live journal -- maybe more should! I've been working on a community site for a little while myself, you can go see the start of it here, http://www.textgaming.org. I'm trying to make it sort of a hub for all "text gaming" such as pen and paper, MUDs, MUSHs, etc, etc. I haven't had a lot of time to work on it due to programming my MUD server, work and college, but hopefully I'll get around to it eventually. Yeah.
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06:26 am
mmmmm mud coders community *runs at it like a moth to a bug zapper* mud join

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